Secret Rat Escape Hatch In Clearwater, FL

Even the the rats jobs that seem to be super simple can run into snags. If you have done a thorough inspection, sealed all of the openings but still have rats getting into the attic, it is very likely that the sewer is the source.

In our most challenging cases, we find that old, unused bath pipes are the the source. It typically happens when a bathroom renovation happens and the toilet is repiped and the old pipe does not get sealed. It is a very, very simple pipe to seal but it just not seem to get done.

When this happens, it is obvious that rats use it, you will see plenty of “smudge marks” around the edge of the pipe.

It is cases like these that are a big reason why you want to hire not just a pest control company but a company that specializes in rats. With 30 years of experience, you can trust that Dusty Showers of Creepy Creatures, Inc. can handle your rodent issue.

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It is common for people in the Clearwater and Palm Harbor Areas to confuse pest control companies with rat experts. It makes sense, rats are pests so pest control companies should be able to handle them. Unfortunately, rats are a specialty and requires more of a trapper’s mentality rather than a pest control mentality.

At Creepy Creatures Termite and Pest Control in Palm Harbor, FL we will provide you a FREE 58 Point Pest Analysis and a FREE no obligation quote of EXACTLY how much it will cost along with our 100% No Bull, Iron-Clad Guarantee!

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