Facts you must know about choosing a pest control company

While it may seem that all pest control companies are the same, this could not be farther from the truth! Lets face it, when it comes to bugs, it can be easy to scare people into spending a ton of money to keep them safe. At Creepy Creatures, we believe in telling you the truth. We believe you want to pay a fair price and not a penny more. We assume you want a company that will show up and do what they say. 

The Florida climate can be tough. That’s why we are highly trained so that we can quickly and effectively solve and prevent pest problems. 

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How to avoid needless suffering and damage from unethical operations

“I’ve worked sales for a big company that everyone knows. The job didn’t work out because I was ‘too honest’. Each day when we all got back to the office and compared sales, my sales were often less than $1000 while the other sales guys were $10,000-$20,000! So I spent some time ‘shadowing’ the other guys. After one appointment, I told my fellow salesman ‘If anyone ever talked to my wife like that I would have punched him!’. He said ‘I know, but I got the sale!’

I couldn’t make a living like this. I decided my company would do our best to inform our potential clients of what was best for them first, not what was best for us. 

How to instantly know if a guarantee is good or a rip-off

If a guarantee has too many loopholes, it’s probably a rip-off. Most pest control contracts will be “Guaranteed” but that guarantee may only cover one or two types roaches or ants. But when the more common or problematic roaches and ants show up, that’s “extra”. 

Be careful of termite contracts with “Repair Guarantees”. It is normally the big corporate companies that offer this guarantee. They can do this because they have a team of attorneys that can pick apart the contract to find the loopholes so they rarely ever pay if a problem arises.

Why you risk paying too much for a service unless you follow this simple plan. 

Some people think that pest control companies are magicians and can keep bugs out of any place, regardless of the environment. Sometimes this is true, but it comes at a price. By working with your pest control company, you can ensure you do not pay more for your pest control than necessary.

  1. Any home can get a bug infestation but a clean home gets a lot less of them. Food bits in the kitchen can be a haven for roaches and ants. Cleaning the grease between the oven and the counter can be tough and maybe that’s why roaches love this area so much. Every couple months, pull the stove out and clean behind, under and on the sides.
  2. Many people love to eat in bed…especially kids. But that means crumbs, dirty dishes and empty potato chip bags left to feed the roaches…eliminating eating in bed will help keep the bugs at bay. 
  3. Standing water, unkempt shrubs up against the house and excess “stuff” is a haven for bugs, snakes and roaches. This is true for inside the home and out.
  4. Maintenance is always easier. Many times people are fooled into thinking “We have lived here 20 years and never had a bug!” When really the bugs were there, they just never saw them. And then when critical mass is hit, there seems to be bugs everywhere! Then they finally call in pest control only to blame the pest control company because now the bugs seem worse! Often saying things like “I don’t know what you are using but you’ve made the problem even worse; what’s in your bug spray, bug food???” What has happened is the bugs were living in the walls and other hiding places. After being treated, there nervous systems are attacked and they all go crazy, come out of hiding and seem to be “all over ” now. Termites are way, way better when prevented. Thinking your “block home” is safe from termites is a huge mistake. Termites will attack any kind of home. But preventing them will be much less expensive compared to having to treat them AND repairing all the damage they did!

Stingy On The Bug Spray

Would you believe that some companies (Especially the big ones) make their technicians pay for whatever products they use at your home? This means they have to decide whether or not they can afford to treat your home properly! The more products they use to get rid of your bugs, the less they get paid. At Creepy Creatures, we believe in following the label instructions and making sure the we use the right amount of product for the problem at hand.

They Keep It Simple

The majority of pest control companies like to keep it simple. This means, no roofs, no attics and no ladders. But how can you provide amazing service when you won’t leave the ground? Roof rats are INCREDIBLY common in the Pinellas county. Given their name is “roof rat”, it is not possible to resolve a roof rat issue without closely inspecting the roof/

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