Palm Harbor Rats Move In For Winter!

Rats and mice can do pretty well living outdoors but they would love to share your home with you! Rats love to live in your attic and contrary to what you may think, you DO have rats in your attic.

Many people people make the mistake of not taking rats seriously. Or, they see one mouse and think that is the only one they have. Regardless of how cute they are, rats are bad news. Rats will move into your attic, chew your wires, leave droppings everywhere, stink up the place and in some cases, they will find their way down into the home where you live!

Yes, coming face to face with a rat in your kitchen at midnight is possible.

My name is Dusty Showers and I am the owner of Creepy Creatures, Inc. and we specialize in rats. We offer a FREE 58 Point Pest Analysis following with telling you how we can resolve your rat issue-GUARANTEED!

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