Rats In Your Attic? [Clearwater Area]

Living in Pinellas county, rats in attics are just a way of life. It does not matter what part of the county you live in…you could quite possibly have rats in your attic!

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Every day, we get calls from people that are hearing noises in their attic but cannot bring themselves to admit they have rats! People call and say “I have rats because:

  • I live in the country
  • I live near the water
  • my neighbor has an orange tree
  • they are doing construction next door
  • my neighbors are pigs
  • my neighbor feeds the birds

Do you see the correlation here? Yes, rats live everywhere and it does not matter what is going on in your neighborhood, whether you are in St. Pete, Clearwater or Palm Harbor, if you have a home, you could have rats.

Rats need three things…food, water and shelter. This is Florida, they can find water anywhere. They can even find food just about anywhere…but if you have a home with just the smallest opening into the attic (which most homes do), then your home will become the rats home.

How To Tell If Your Have Rats In Your Attic?

The most common way people find out they have rats is they hear them. People will complain they are hearing scratching and chewing, especially at night. Squirrels can sound similar however a rule of thumb is that rats are active at night, especially the middle of the night and squirrels are active during the day and early morning.

Many people will insist they have something larger than a rat, even tell us that we are mistaken, that there is no way they have rats…and we find they have rats.

Lets face it…rats like to poop….a lot. Rat droppings are the simplest way to diagnose a rat problem. A quick look in the attic will show rat droppings…they leave them everywhere. Squirrels are more discreet and one is not as likely to find droppings…though it is possible.

Here at Creepy Creatures, we have been making homes rat free for a very, very long time.

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