Pest Control Near Me – Creepy Creatures Services Palm Harbor & Surrounding Areas!

“Pest control near me” is the new Google bat sign for “Help! I have bugs and need pest control…FAST! Well, look no further than Palm Harbor. Creepy Creatures, Inc. services Palm Harbor and surrounding areas. And if you are anything like me, you want to trust that the company you are calling will kill your bugs, kill them fast and keep killing them for a long time.

You have probably heard the saying “If you see one roach, there are hundreds others in the walls that you cannot see!”. Well, maybe not “hundreds” (though it’s possible), but there can be many, many more that you do not see. We see this constantly; we get a new customer that has “Just a couple roaches”. When we treat the home, we tell them it is likely they will see more in the next week or two after treatment and not to be concerned because they are seeing the the roaches that were hidden in the walls coming out to die. The products used by Creepy Creatures, Inc. is non-repellant” and “transferable”. What this means is that the “bug spray” has no smell so roaches and ants do not know to avoid it (and you don’t have to smell it!). When the roaches and come into contact with the treatment, it will not kill them immediately. This gives the roaches an opportunity to go see their roach family and friends hanging out in the walls, where they “transfer” the treatment to their pals…and then they all die.

This often leads to people calling saying “I don’t know what you did but there are more roaches than ever! I mean, they are dying but they are everywhere!”. To which we say “Remember when we told you that you may see more roaches after the treatment? This is what we meant πŸ™‚ )

But don’t stress, all you need to do is CALL or TEXT Creepy Creatures, Inc. and we will take care of the rest…GUARANTEED!

Creepy Creatures, Inc. has a 100% NO BULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! What this means is that if you hire us, we will eliminate your bug or rat/mouse issue-GUARANTEED. And if it comes back, we will return. And we will keep returning until you are happy. And if we still can’t make you happy, we will refund all of your money PLUS $25 for your time and trouble…THAT’S how confident we are in our pest control program πŸ™‚

CALL OR TEXT TODAY 727-488-5657

CALL OR TEXT TODAY! 727-488-5657