Palm Harbor Pest Control & Oil Changes

Many people in Palm Harbor and the Clearwater areas only think of pest control when they need it. But the truth is, many times by the time you realize you need pest control, bugs may have already dug into your home. Whether they are ants, roaches or termites…they can move into your home YEARS before you know it!

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Many calls we get are from people saying “It’s so weird, I’ve never had a bug problem and now we have bugs everywhere! The truth is, especially with roaches and ants, they start off in small numbers and then grow…and grow…

Pest control is like changing the oil in your car. When things are good, you don’t think about it. But if you do not maintain things, things will go bad!

Having pest control “only when you need it” is like changing the oil in your car only when the engine starts smoking.

Creepy Creatures Termite & Pest Control provides pest control to all of Pinellas county, Trinity and Westchase areas!