Palm Harbor-Owner’s Wife Is A Cancer Researcher

Is Pest Control Safe In Palm Harbor?

One of the most common questions we get about pest control is “Is it safe” or people will say “I don’t want harmful chemicals in my house.” So many people have concerns, whether it is because of a baby or kids, pets or just a concern about toxic chemicals, it is normal to wonder about the products used in pest control today.

I understand. I too have the same concerns. What I can tell you is, my wife Que is a cancer researcher, we have 5 daughters, we have 2 dogs, we rescue dogs and I am the co-founder of, a 501c3 non-profit breast cancer charity that provides direct financial support to women and families affected by breast cancer…and the products are we use in your home are the same products we use in our Palm Harbor home.

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Palm Harbor Pest Control Done Right!

In pest control, the saying is “The label is the law.” That means that we can only use a product as described on it’s label. While I would obviously never suggest such a thing (and for the Tide Pod eaters out there, DO NOT EVER TRY THIS), I have heard from people on the chemical manufacturing side of things say that many of the most common pest control products can actually be drank in concentrate form! In fact, many of the household cleaners you may keep under your kitchen sink are very likely more harmful than products used for pest control.

You can rest assured that when you hire Creepy Creatures, Inc. your home will be treated properly AND safely 🙂

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