How To Keep Palmetto Bugs Out Of Your Home (5 Things To Do)

How To Keep Roaches Away

You are in Florida, which means you are not immune to roaches…and yes, Palm Harbor has roaches. However, not all roaches are created equal. But I am not sure you really care about roach equality, you just want to get rid of your roaches…and that is where Creepy Creatures, Inc. comes in.

There are many different roaches that live in and around Palm Harbor, but there are 3 main culprits.

  1. German Roaches: Without a doubt, German roaches are the worst and most feared of all roaches. German roaches do not just want to live in your home, they want to take over your home. There are many roach issues that you may be able to take a “do it yourself pest control” approach, but German roaches are different. They will reproduce at a crazy rate…30-48 eggs every 20-30 days! On top of that, many pesticides will not kill them…they are bit of a Super Roach! German roaches are best identified by their sheer numbers and two, tell-tale stripes on their neck (pronotum).
  2. American Roaches: For roach lovers, these are great roaches! New Yorkers call them “water bugs”, Floridians call them “Palmetto Bugs”. This is the biggest roach you will find in Palm Harbor, FL. Not only are they big but they can also fly. The good news is, you typically do not get herds of American roaches living in your home. And while some may sneak in…or fly in, a good pest control problem will keep American cockroaches at bay.
  3. Australian Roaches: This cockroach is one of the most common roaches in Palm Harbor. If you are finding roaches in your home, odds are you are seeing Australian roaches. These midsize insects cannot compete with German roaches but they will build up large populations if not kept in check with a solid pest prevention program.

Again, there are many different roaches in Palm Harbor but these are the top 3. Your pest professional should be able to tell the difference at glance, but in case you are looking to touch up on your cockroach ID, here is your cheat sheet.

  1. German roaches have 2 stripes on their neck
  2. American cockroaches are large with a light shape of a bat on their neck.
  3. Australian cockroaches mid-sized with a dark shape of a bat on their neck.

5 Things To Prevent Roaches

  1. Keep plants and debris around the yard and home cleaned up
  2. Have cracks and crevices around the home sealed or caulked
  3. Keep doors closed and window screens intact
  4. Keep food crumbs and such cleaned up and keep food in sealed containers
  5. Take quick action when a cockroach is seen-call a pest professional


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