How To Get Rid Of Roaches In Clearwater

As many residents of Clearwater know, getting rid of roaches on your own can be tough. Getting rid of roaches can actually be tough for some pest control companies as well.

The Two Most Important Things For Getting Rid Of Roaches

The biggest mistake people often make when trying to get rid of roaches is they see roaches, run to Home Depot or Lowes, take advice from an employee working in the pest section then go home and put out whatever it is they just bought.

Or, many times we will get out to someone’s home and find boric acid EVERYWHERE! Piles and piles and lines and lines of boric acid. Boric acid works but only if the insects ingest it. On a side note, many people believe that boric is harmless. But while it is “low in toxicity“, it also has no antidote so please be sure to use it cautiously.

There are also many different types of roaches; the most common are the feared German roach, the American cockroach, Australian cockroach and the smokey brown cockroach.Where Do They Live?

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Where Are They Living?

With any roach infestation, but especially German roaches, you must know where they are hanging out, otherwise known as their “harborage”. German roaches thrive in filth however, even the cleanest homes can get German cockroaches. While making sure the home (most commonly the kitchen) is clean, here is a little secret…if you use the right product, you can still have a filthy kitchen and still kill all the roaches! But for obvious reasons, it is best to keep a clean kitchen.

Use The Right Product

Using the right product for roaches makes all the difference when treating roaches. When treating most roaches, there are a few options with some being better than others. But when treating German roaches, we found that only the best will do. Using cheap or less expensive products will only cost more money. We come in a treat it right the first time so there will not have to be a next time.

A roach outbreak is serious business and you want to be sure you trust your home to a company that takes your situation seriously and not someone that skimps on the product quality, hoping to save a little money.

You want to know that you can trust the company you hire will come in, do a through inspection and hit your roaches with a hard knock-out punch the very first time!

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