How To Get Rid Of Rats In Attics In Palm Harbor Without Poison!

It’s our dirty little secret…but it’s time we admit it-My name is Dusty Showers and Palm Harbor has a rat problem. Truthfully, it’s not just Palm Harbor but all of the Tampa Bay Area…as well as Florida :/

We can deny it all we want; we can ignore the noises in the attic, we can call them “mice” instead but if you live in Palm Harbor, FL or the Tampa Bay Area and hear an animal in your attic, chances are you have rats in your attic.

Two things you should not do…do not stress and do not put rat poison out. An old wife’s tale says the rats eat the poison then go outside to die. Nope. They don’t. There is absolutely NO science to support this claim. What actually happens is the rats eat the poison, they curl up in their bed and die. And smell. And attract flies and maggots.

Our 58 Point Pest Analysis ensures that we find EVERY entrance for the rats from ground level up to the roof so that we can trap ALL the rats, rat proof your home AND Guarantee it!


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