How To Do A Professional Rat Inspection In Clearwater, FL

The Importance Of A Rat Inspecti

A thorough rat inspection is critical in creating a long term solution to rodent elimination. Your home is most likely your most valuable investment. Rats will destroy that investment. As cute as rats are, they are destructive. We all know that termites will eat your home-literally. But people do not give the same respect to rats, but you should.

My name is Dusty Showers and I am the owner of Creepy Creatures Termite and Pest Control in Palm Harbor, FL. We are more than a pest control company, we are specialists in not just removing rats but keeping them away too!

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Rats Will Destroy Your Home

Just the sight of a rat running across your kitchen or even your bedroom floor in the middle of the night is enough to give some people a heart attack. And as horrible as that is, rats typically live in attics and in those attics, rats will chew on wires…and cause house fires. On a couple of occasions I have been crawling through attics on my hands and knees only to accidentally touch an exposed, live wire…yes, it was “shocking”.

Rats are serious business and you need a company you can trust. I invite you to call me personally. Call or Text 727-488-5657 and ask for me, Dusty Showers and ask for your FREE 58 Point Pest Analysis!

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