How Roaches Enter Homes

Knowing how to get rid of roaches goes far beyond simple sprays. Getting rid of cockroaches takes problem solving skills.

If you live in and around Palm Harbor, Florida, you want a pest control company that you can trust will do more than just “spray for roaches”. The best way to get rid of roaches is to not get them in the first place!

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Often, we are called “Exterminators”. And yes, we are. But at Creepy Creatures, Inc. we like to think we are far more than just an exterminator. The thought of an exterminator (at least for me) is some big, hairy, unshaven dude with a bad attitude and a sprayer…shooting pesticide everywhere.

Those guys exist, in fact that’s pretty much me when I wake up. But when we are providing pest control for our clients, we are far more than “exterminators”.

When you hire a pest control company to get rid of your roaches and ants, you want someone that is a problem solver. Take for example our technician Joe. Joe was sent out to a home that had recently been purchased and had a horrible roach problem. Most of the time when people have bad cockroach problems, it’s because they have German roaches…the worst of the worst.

But not in this case. These were American and Australian roaches. These are a bigger roach than the German roaches. All of the spraying that had been done was having zero effects. Roaches still abound.

Kitchen sink pipes open for roaches to enter though the sewer
Sink pipe leading to the sewer for roaches to enter

Joe knew something else had to be going on and the search for the source of the roaches began. Below, you can see what Joe found. The plumbing for the sink had been left open, this allowed the roaches to enter the inside of the cabinet…this was a direct line to the sewer! On a side note, occasionally we find something similar for rats to get in when these pipes are not sealed after a renovation.

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