Got Bats In Palm Harbor?

Bats in attics in Palm Harbor, Clearwater and surrounding areas are more common than most people think. In nearly every area you can go outside shortly after sunset and watch bats fly up and down over the streets and pools!

Dealing with bats is a specialty and should not just be left up to any pest control company. The wrong approach to ridding a building of bats can make the problem worse. That’s why you need a bat professional!

The Bat Baby Season

April 15-August 15 is the baby season and it is ILLEGAL to deal with a bat problem between those dates. Not only is it inhumane, it can lead to many, many baby bats dying in the walls and ceilings…and smelling VERY bad.

Dusty Showers, owner of Creepy Creatures, Inc. helped write the laws for the baby bat season and bat protection.

While there are many kinds of bats that live around Palm Harbor, there are only two that live in attics. Evening bats and Mexican free-tail bats are the only two bats found in attics and soffits.

There is rarely a question when you have Mexican have a very distinct and unique smell that is very hard to miss!

If you think or know you have bats, call or text today for your FREE inspection!