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Most Common Bugs In Palm Harbor’s East Lake

Palm Harbor pest control expert Dusty Showers of Creepy Creatures Termite and Pest Control has run into a wide variety of pests during his 30 years of facing off with all sorts of animals, bugs and other creepy organisms.

While there are some crazy and unique pests out there, Dusty says “There are really only a handful of things that are the most common pests. Rats for sure are up there but they cannot compete with roaches and ants. You can find roaches and ants in nearly any home that does not have regular pest control.”

Palm Harbor may be one one town, however the East Lake side is more of a damp preserve and therefor presents some different issues. Creepy Creatures Termite and Pest Control is located in East Lake and specializes in bug issues specific to East Lake.

Silverfish are pests
Silverfish are common household pests in East Lake, Palm Harbor, FL.

A normal pest control service will normally control roaches and ants but Showers adds “Silverfish are funny little guys. You can find them in some of the cleanest homes. While silverfish will eat sugars and grains like roaches and ants, they will also eat things that roaches and ants will not. This is why silverfish are so destructive. They are known for eating books and clothing. It is normally the starches, glues and silk they are after but they will alway leave damage behind.”

That is why a thorough pest control treatment is necessary to get rid of not just roaches and ants but silverfish too. You do not just want an exterminator, you want a pest professional.

Call and ask for Dusty. Be sure to ask Dusty about his 110% No Bull Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee PLUS $25 if you are not 100% happy with your service!

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