Do Rats Come Up Toilets In Palm Harbor?

Rats Coming Up Through Toilets Are A Real Thing

I hate to be the one to tell you…yes, rats and God forbid, snakes can, in fact, come up through toilets, even right here in Palm Harbor. No, this is not an everyday occurrence and I urge you to not lose sleep over finding rats and snakes in your toilets…but I do suggest that you look before you sit 🙂

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After being in this business for over 30 years, nearly all of those years in Pinellas county, I can tell you that animals coming up through toilets is not common, but it happens. One thing to keep in mind, I do not get all of the phone calls in the Tampa Bay Area nor is there a database or registry for “Rats and Snakes Coming Up Through Toilets”. This means that it is entirely possible for animals coming up through toilets to be more common that I really know.

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The bigger concern is, we have rats everywhere. Palm Harbor is beautiful. I LOVE living in Palm Harbor. But rats live everywhere around here. It’s not unique to Palm Harbor, but it is a fact, we have rats-lots and lots of rats.

Rats In Attics

Rats in toilets is a real thing. But the real issue is having rats in attics. In less than 10 minutes, Creepy Creatures, Termite and Pest Control can tell you if you have rats in your attic. 

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