Are Formosan Termites Super Termites?

Recently the news ran a story about Formosan termites, better known as “Super Termites”. And apparently people watched as I am getting asked about them nearly every day.

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Pest control professionals have been hearing about Formosan termites for years and a handful of people have seen Formosan termites in the Tampa Bay Area.

Formosan Termites in Tampa Bay Area!
Formosan termites in Tampa Bay Area

Formosan termites are most famous for eating concrete…which is more of a myth than a fact. Formosan termites eat wood, just like every other termite. But they will also eat attack plastics and drywall; but not concrete. It is my opinion this urban legend comes from Formosan termites finding cracks in concrete and attacking that area as to make the cracks larger so they could eat wood on the other side. And this exploitation of a crack is mistakenly called “eating”.

What makes Formosan termites so scary is a couple things. First, their colony sizes are massive. Where the Eastern subterranean termite may have 1-2 million termites in a colony, Formosans may have 5 million. And that is a lot of termites eating your home.

Second, we are not always sure where their nest is. Drywood termites live in wood above ground. Subterranean termites live below ground. Formosan termites can live both about and below ground!

Many things with pest control can be “DIY” but not termites. Do not risk your home to trying to protect it from termites yourself. Call the pros at Creepy Creatures!

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