Palmetto Bugs, Are They Roaches Living In Palm Harbor and Clearwater Florida?

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Stop, and I and I’m not there. It’s because I forgot to unmute my mic. Just say Mike, unmute your mic and I’ll start up. Okay. Okay. All right. And welcome again to the creepy creatures Pest Control podcast. I’m Mike Stewart, your co host with dusty showers. The pest expert, the exterminating expert in Palm Harbor, Florida, doneita. In Florida, Clearwater, Florida and all surrounding areas. dusty is the guy dusty, are you here today?

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I’m here, Mike. Thanks for having me. Well, I’m

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glad to be here. You know, when I go to Florida, I see these big, big bugs. And to me, they look like giant cockroaches that I’m used to seeing in Tennessee and Georgia. But I understand their Palmetto bugs, you know, what kind of problems do Palmetto bugs cause? And more importantly, what does creepy creatures do to get rid of these guys?

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Well, yeah, Palmetto bugs are definitely

I want to say a part of life in Florida, but they don’t have to be. And it actually, it kind of depends on where you’re from, as far as what you call them. But the Palmetto bugs actually a great big Roach, and you know, people from New York tend to call them water bugs. But a lot of Floridians call them Palmetto bugs and and part of that is that they like to live in the Palmetto scrubs the vegetation that we have, but they also love to live in houses. And, you know, they, they can take over a house if you’re not careful. And it is important to understand what kind of Palmetto bug or what kind of road you’re dealing with. And if you can’t do that, it’s definitely something that we can do. And you know, you can typically over the phone describe them to us. Or if you have a camera phone, which who doesn’t these days, just snap a picture of it, you can text that to us at 727-488-5657. And we’ll make sure that you have that number. But if you’re not sure what kind of roads you have sent us a picture and that will help us formulate a plan of attack. And you know, there’s certain roaches that come in and it’s normally just a one off or too often. You know, in a Palmetto bug might fly into the house and you might only have one or two and you don’t necessarily have an infestation. But if you get something like a German Roach that comes in that, that’s you know, they’re both roaches, but German roaches will multiply or you’ll literally have thousands of roaches in your house. And this is what you hear about on TV, where a local restaurant gets shut down for roaches, they get shut down because a German roaches, but Palmetto bugs are people especially don’t like them because they’re big, you know, they can be about two inches long. And when you see that scurrying across the floor in the middle of the night, or God forbid, they land on your bed while you’re sleeping. And I don’t want to spook anyone out. But but that does happen. You know, these roaches don’t really care what’s going on in their environment. They just want some food, water and shelter and you have those things for them. So when we determine what kind of problem you’re having, and whether it’s Palmetto bugs or other things, then we decide on the product that we’re going to use and the products that we use our highly effective and people our eyes. And you know, the first question they ask is, is it a safe product. And I can tell you that as somebody that has five daughters, two dogs, rescue dogs, my wife is a cancer researcher, we do free pest control for the Humane Society of Pinellas County, these are the same products that we use in our house and that we’re going to use in your home. They don’t smell they’re odorless, colorless, you should never find out, but they’re tasteless. And that’s important, though, not for you. But for the roaches. And back in the day, the pesticides used to smell real bad. And that was one of the main functions, how they would keep bugs out of the house. So you spray a smelly pesticide around the perimeter of the house. And the bugs don’t want to cross that. But that doesn’t last very long. And it’s not very effective. But the products that we use now have what’s called a transfer effect. So when in actually roaches are very social animals, or insects rather. And so what a robot is going to do is it will either walk through the liquid barrier that we put out which again is colorless, you won’t even know that we put it out there, they’ll walk through it, and they won’t die right away. So then they’ll go back and they’ll hang out with their other Roach friends. And from there they, you know, they hug and kiss and do everything that roaches do when they see each other and they pass the pesticide or the product on to the next Roach and so it will kill all the roaches in there. And another really awesome thing about roaches is they’re cannibals. So you can just spray one Roach, it can die, and then another one comes along eats that Roach. And in doing that it ingests the product that we put out so you kill that Roach as well. So all roaches died. And one of the funny things that we get from people is the products that we have now. You know that it doesn’t, it doesn’t always prevent them from coming in but it kills them right away, but we do put a strong barrier around the outside, which helps prevent them from getting inside to that other barrier. I know I’m getting into the weeds a little bit. But what that means is occasionally people will call and say, Hey, I need you to come out because I found a dead Roach. And we can’t really kill the roaches anymore. But that means that it’s working and that you find the roach on its back. Sometimes it’s still twitching a little bit. But the products are so effective, that it will kill anything that crosses it that has six legs. And hopefully that’s only insects in your house. So you know, we stand behind our products, we guarantee our service 110%. If you are not happy with our service, you just call us and we’ll come out. And we’ll keep coming out until that problem is taken care of. And if we still can’t take care of the problem, we’ll give you back 100% of your money plus $25 for your time in trouble. So that’s how confident that we are in our service. We do personalized services for you know, for your specific situation. We do have a service that we offer people. But if there’s something some other case, it’s a restaurant, or you have an outstanding problem, or somebody that’s just really really spooked out. Because of Palmetto bugs or any other insects, we can address those problems and make sure that we take care of your house so that you never have to worry about bugs again.

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Well, dusty, that is great information. I know you’re the pest expert in the Palm Harbor, donate in the Clearwater area. And we do this as a service from creepy creatures pest control. This podcast is designed to help all the residents in that area, understand what the problems are and how to solve them. And all they got to do is call you go to the website, text you and all that information is right there at your website, Palm Harbor pest And be sure to share this podcast with your friends. You know, you can actually go up to an Amazon Alexa and just talk to it and you can start listening to these helpful pest tips. You can listen to it an apple, subscribe to it in Google and Spotify, you know, or you can actually read it at our website. So until next time, I’m Mike Stewart for the pest of Mike Stewart for the creepy creatures Pest Control podcast and we’ll see you next time.

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