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Block Homes Get Termites Too

I cannot tell you how often people tell us they do not need to worry about termites because they live in block homes. Block homes are definitely safer when it comes to termites, but yes, subterranean termites will eat block homes too! Common areas for subterranean termites in Palm Harbor homes are any breach in the slab. Meaning holes where plumbing comes into a bath or shower or, like in the video below they come up into the wall where one cement slab meets another in the garage. This is common in many homes and you can normally tell by seeing if there are any areas in your home (normally in the garage) where you either step up or step down from one cement floor to other.  These means there were two cement slabs poured and that gives just enough room for subterranean termites to crawl up, into the wall and into the attic..and into your wall!

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