Clearwater, FL Super Roaches [German Roaches]

It seems that anytime I look at the news on my phone I see an article about “Super Roaches”, German roaches that are impervious to insecticides. Perhaps it is my algorithm because I am in the pest control business but I’m sure people are wondering, do we have a super roach among us?

First, lets keep in mind the media loves a good story, regardless of the facts. But then we also must not underestimate the super powers of German roaches.

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The truth is that we really do not have “super roaches” that are impossible to kill but we do have roaches can be very difficult to kill and as time goes by they get closer and closer to becoming a “super roach” that is impossible to kill.

I think many of us have this vision of the little roaches with huge muscles and a little red cape. But the “Super” aspect of the roach is a little less subtle. It is more of a matter of Charles Darwin’s “Natural Selection”.

Let’s imagine you have 100 roaches living an Roachville, USA. Along comes Mr. Homeowner with a can of Raid and sprays all of them. Raid is a good product or killing ON CONTACT but it has no residual. Meaning, it will normally kill what it touches but it quickly dissipates and will have no long term killing affects. Now, out of those 100 roaches were sprayed, it killed 90% of them…which is a pretty good kill rate.

Here is the rub…the remaining 10 roaches were sprayed by the raid; it may have made the sick but it did not kill them. Now, those roaches breed and make another 100+ baby roaches that now carry whatever superpower the surviving 10 roaches had.

Now when Mr. Homeowner sprays all the new roaches, many will still die…but now more will survive than the previous 10%. So now you have 50 roaches that are impervious to Raid….and now those 50 roaches have super babies and so on and so on and so on.

This is not exclusive to Raid. This applies to countless products, even the ones the pros use. We have had our losing battles with German roaches. Yes, we won the war, but we have lost battles. But we have learned that when it comes to German roaches, we come in withe a product that we KNOW will work rather than a less expensive product that we HOPE will work.

I cannot tell you where the future of roach elimination will bring us but I can guarantee you that for now, we have products that will SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY kill German roaches.

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Super Roach
Super Roach

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